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If there is one thing that we’re always blown away by its the generousity of the Cork people. As some of you may remember last year we hit the crazy target of collecting 100 bikes for the Adsum bike drive, where Adsum collect old bikes and deliver them to the good people of Madagascar, one of the world’s poorest regions.

100 bikes, 10 kids, 14 adults, 24 pairs of gloves and one old blue container..


But this year, we’re going one better and the goal is to collect 150 bikes this Spring to send to Madagascar where the local communities will fix up the bikes and make them an integral part of the community. Whether to cycle to work or to school, to collect water or foods for their family or village, or just to cycle for fun.

The good news is that your old bike will get a new lease of life and the people that bikes are going to will get untold pleasure and value from your kind donation.

Good people and good bikes WANTED!

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